NIE Sponsorship Form

NIE Sponsors make a difference: now and for the future

Increasingly tight budgets make it harder each year for teachers to get the resources and materials they need for the classroom. Teachers are discovering the Newspapers In Education program offers an excellent teaching tool, a living textbook. There is no cost to the teachers, students or schools.

Newspapers in the hands of eager students are a powerful classroom tool. Lessons come alive when using a resource that has fresh, timely, real news and information each week. Students can study current events, math, science, social studies, language arts or geography while learning more about the community in which they live.

Together, our newspapers, area businesses, school administrators, principals and teachers are working to improve the quality of education and outreach for our students. To enhance the effectiveness of newspapers in the classrooms, NIE offers special education supplements regarding the environment, scientific research, diversity, careers and geography.

NIE, with your help, provides support materials, training and workshops to help teachers maximize the benefit of using newspapers as a teaching tool. We are building a literate future for our community and we need your help.

People who are committed to improving our community, businesses and individuals, are joining with the newspaper to keep this innovative teaching tool going into classrooms throughout the county.

Teachers utilize the newspaper as an effective tool. Students look forward to using the papers in the classroom; newspapers also serve to connect the family who reads together.